About me


My name is Jason Nosworthy, originally from Essex but now residing in Somerset, UK. I am a Landscape painter who predominately focuses on semi-abstract seascapes but I also love to capture the beautiful effects of woodland, especially those with an element of water.

I have always had a desire to create. I  remember my mother painting in oils when I  was a small child and was very inspired. Also, spending the summer holidays when I was younger at my Grandparents house in Norfolk was an amazing experience, as we often went to the coast at Great Yarmouth and over the border a few miles into Suffolk at Lowestoft. The memories of these times spent at the coast have resonated with me very tangibly and is the main reason why I am so passionate about painting the coastline, albeit in a semi-abstract representation.

I trained professionally as a Landscape Designer to degree level, which does encompass facets that are needed as an artist also, such as colour, tone, layering, form, expression, composition, texture, imagination, visual perception etc and to indulge myself in both these worlds is a true privilege. 


The immediate body of water that is closest to me is the Somerset coast and the Bristol Channel, this is very beautiful but does not turn truly coastal until you reach into Devon. Its still very rewarding to seek out inspiration in all these places and to travel further afield, to Cornwall and Dorset is a real treat. Ultimately it is the working from a visual memory and the energy that is brought home from such visits that truly inspires in the creation of a body of work.

My process is to always paint directly onto a canvas with no preparatory sketches carried out beforehand. I feel that this approach is very liberating as it gives way to more creative expression.I am passionate about colour and find the stimulation created by the association of respective colours is very powerful and emotive.

To attempt to capture the true essence of the natural world on canvas is a beautiful challenge and an endeavour that I am grateful and honoured to execute!